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Browse for the best value holiday rental Villas  and Apartments that Bali has to offer!

Rest assured. For over 20 years we have carefully selected and managed an enviable array of outstanding Villas and Apartments. You will relax and unwind in comfortable, spacious and fully furnished places you’ll quickly call home. We have an outstanding and highly experienced team who will make your stay even more memorable and ensure the excellent value we proudly deliver.

All of our private Villas are located in lush surroundings and close to pristine beaches and the bright blue ocean. The wide range of rental Villas offer many combinations of bedrooms and options to suit holidaymakers as couples, families or groups of friends.

Having lived in some of the most traditional Villas in the most sought after areas for over 30 years puts a value on our work we do for you that is rare to find elsewhere.

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Guest Testimonials

  • First thing i would like to say is that this is more for explorers and couples than anyone else. because there are bikes to ride around the island and is in a really good spot to start of your adventure. and as soon as you come back you can enjoy your nights in a nice cold room posting about your adventures while watching TV. As soon as you wake up you can enjoy a nice swim.

    Tetahi C
    Tetahi C
  • I stayed at the newly opened resort and loved my entire stay there. the attention to detail has been incredible. the staff are very helpful and friendly. It was hard to leave the villa as it was purely relaxing and enjoyable. Def recommend for those looking for privacy and luxury.

    Alain D
    Alain D

Extended Services


Commercial Property opportunities in Bali are growing exponentially.

Our expertise covers Retail space, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Factories, Offices and Warehouses. Our expertise includes “search > negotiate > certificate > open”. Top of mind are our clients’ needs to overcome expensive delays and achieve timely project plans. We provide this as a turnkey solution, with a strong history of successful testimonials by strong and growing businesses.

Commercially, Bali has become world class with many new infrastructural investments. This firm trend combined with our intimate and reliable knowledge means we are an excellent working partner to find the optimal premises and the best ROI.

Regional Lands

PT. Bali Global Property have over 30 years of combined experience sourcing and developing land stretching through bali, to the Gili Islands, across Lombok and into Flores.

We have a pedigree of excellence in secure, safe and certificated land transactions. The most valuable land in these regions are the hectares that provide peace of mind and assurance of the integrity of acquisition.

We escort our clients by land, sea and air on truly adventurous and exciting tours to view what we have come to know as the regions richest vantage points.

Our journeys with client continue beyond investments and into the offer of managed construction and development services.

We truly have the most enviable experience and portfolios in our track record.


Our genesis is in Residential Sales and Management business. We have expanded to include an array of Apartments and brand new Villa developments, whilst still loving our core passion for the ‘traditional Balinese Villas’.

Choice is vital to make the happiest homes, and we provide that.

Our specialty is in both short-term and long term rentals. We also understand the real facts about lease-holding, freehold and ‘off-the-plan’ developments.

Understanding Indonesian law, and the healthy changes it brings to the property sector is vital. Understanding what lies down the alley ways and gangs is equally important. Knowing what’s about to be built infront of your view helps as well!

Having lived in some of the most traditional Villas in the most sought after areas for over 30 years puts a value on our work we do for you that is rare to find elsewhere.


We own and operate resorts in the Gili Islands.

On these beautiful islands nestled off the coast of Lombok and only a short trip from Bali you will discover that our Ecological passion is entrenched in unique and outstanding residences. We treasured the environment, protected it and nurture it whilst providing the romance of Island getaways that we bring. Our resorts are innovative and unforgettable. The surroundings are the richest in the world, yet we deliver outstanding value and truly memorable holidays.